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Reasons Why Mentorship Improves Work Productivity

Being in this industry for quite a long time now made me understand how it is not possible for one to take this path alone. In the business industry, “no man is an island” is a reality. I am what I am today because of my mentors. Similarly, the business leaders my generation and yours look up to are guided by their valued mentors. This is why I strive to extend mentorship to business executives in the country so that work productivity will be at its peak and the landscape of doing business in the Philippines will become gratifying rather than daunting.

Mentorship is all about having someone to guide you in important decision-making processes. But how exactly does mentorship improve work productivity? Allow me to present to you several justifications.

Knowledge transfer

Mentors are those who have already acquired vast knowledge about the industry. They know the tricks of the trade; hence, they are able to transfer the knowledge they have to their mentees. As a result, business leaders would not wrestle with understanding the basics of the industry because they have someone who can give sufficient explanation. While there would be dissimilarities in personality, age, and principles, mentors would be able to bridge these gaps and use their previous experiences to help business leaders avoid repeating their past mistakes.

Supportive relationship

One of the key advantages of mentorship is building a supportive relationship between the mentor and the mentee. When everyone else turns their back, a business leader can rely on the mentor to stay and provide helpful advice.

Constructive criticism

Mentors are objective coaches. Even though it seems that they are there to feed your ego and push you to do what you want, mentors have your best interest in mind. Thus, they give constructive criticism whenever they see something you could improve on, particularly about your attitude in dealing with certain situations.

Reachable Goals

Let’s face it. Some of our goals are just good when imagined but are not actually reachable. Mentors take it to their own hands to align one’s business goals so these could become more reasonable and attainable according to one’s capabilities. In a way, mentors put the necessary boundaries which lead to the formation of more definite and precise steps in reaching goals.

Networking opportunities

Mentors are connected with a lot of people who could help in the growth of the business. Through a broadening network, business leaders are able to open new doors of opportunity for their personal growth and business development.

Motivation and inspiration

Evidently, mentors are there to motivate and inspire their mentees. They serve as the business leaders’ cheerleaders for them to never cease in pursuing the goals they have for their organizations. Mentors are there when business leaders feel insecure or when the latter becomes filled with doubt about their abilities.

The success of an organization lies in the people: the leaders, the employees, the customers, and the mentors. Without mentors, business leaders would walk in the dark without anyone to serve as the light in their path towards productivity.

This is Joey Gurango, your Business Technology Coach!


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