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The New Normal Business

The whole world is currently adjusting to the new normal that we are all experiencing from the pandemic. Today, I have made a review/roundup on the weekly live podcast that we have launched for the benefit of business owners who want to learn more and ask questions about business-related topics.

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I collaborated with Wilson of Bitstop Network Services Data Center. In this episode, we have talked about the new bill, new normal, business opportunities, that we see in today's different business landscape during the pandemic.

Here are the highlights of our first podcast episode:


If you've been staying tuned on the government updates, you probably heard about the new bill passed by house speaker Alan Peter Cayetano, and it's the “New Normal for the Workplace and Public Spaces Act of 2020”.

Today, businesses are complying with the Philippine government's mandatory policies regarding companies that are running during the pandemic.

And what are safety measures being implemented and in this bill the no. 1 out of the nine sections on the bill is we dig deeper in the first section which is the Universal and Mandatory Safety Measures and the no. 7 section, which is the Workplace-Specific Protocols and Measures.

According to Wilson, the bill will still change before passing to be a law and undergoing different stages. As for me, this pandemic will undoubtedly affect the majority of businesses in all industries, and we all know that businesses nowadays are doing their best to comply and follow the policies.

One of the requirements is to submit a management plan as compliance. Since the government wants business owners with physical offices to at least have 6 feet distance for every table or office corner, it requires double space for business owners.

Personally, it can be a burden to business owners who are struggling with the necessary adjustments. Wilson said what if a tech company or an IT specialist came up with an idea to incorporate new technologies that will help companies cope with the monitoring management and automated method of complying with government regulations.


Wilson and I have discussed that businesses that follow traditional business models find it hard to adjust to the new normal. And Wilson has said that there's no way that we're going back to our old routine. This is the new normal, and we have to move forward with our businesses with innovation.

Digital transformation is more than just a buzzword, its a must- application for business owners like you who want to survive and thrive in this ever-changing industry.


Even amid the pandemic, there are still opportunities in the crisis, especially for business owners, and Wilson and I agreed on this. Companies can find ways of improving their business models and management strategies.

It's the year 2020, and with the business model shifting massively at an incredible speed, business owners should survive and thrive in the digital transformation the pandemic has ushered in.

We advised business owners to consider turning and making changes within their organizations. Also, Wilson shared that big data implication can make a huge difference for businesses.

Businesses can offer value by sharing or offering insights to the government that will improve business policies and such especially in the current crisis we're all facing.


One of the things that I have shared in the podcast is my Digital Maturity Model, which is a model I have created for business owners. The model measures the maturity of a business as a digital business. Since way back in 2017, I have said that businesses that have not yet shifted digitally will be extinct in the year 2022.

And with this model, business owners could use it as a tool to improve on their digital transformation efforts—starting from the first level of infrastructure or the system communication and management of companies of their employees who are in work from home setup.

About 85 percent of companies are not even at level 1, which is one of the main reasons why companies or businesses are struggling since they're not equipped with the right tools and not even hitting productivity levels daily. One of the solutions that I shared is that employers or business owners should help their employees out by providing the right tools and software that they can use for their work since employers are turning their employees home into their workspace. They have to release a budget or make necessary expenses for the benefit of both parties.


One of the projects that Wilson shared that business owners can use with the work from home setup is Project Bass. They have been working on for three years now. It's a mobile-based app and a tool to measure the bandwidth of an internet service provider.

In this project, he shared that employees and volunteers were asked to screenshot their bandwidth result, and employers can see if employees can work on a work from home setup with the speed of their internet connection.

According to Wilson, one of the crucial factors for work from home setup to work is the employee's internet connectivity.

We talked about how every industry is shifting to the digital sector. Such as schools are using distance learning methods, ABS CBN news has turned online for disseminating news and how companies are being forced to move up with the current crisis happening.

I hope to see you tuned in our podcast episodes every Wednesday, where you can learn insights from me and other business experts in the industry. This week, we'll be talking about Physical Distancing in Public & Work Spaces.

This is Joey Gurango, your Business Technology Coach!


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