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Navigating Your Way to Digital Business

If you're planning to shift your business to a digital one, the process can be daunting at first. It can feel like the first time that you decided to run your own company. As you know, businesses are meant for growth not just in terms of infrastructure, but also within their policies. CEOs or small business owners should always be adding value to their services. Not only for it to be sustainable over the years, but it's also bound to adapt as well.

Nevertheless, It's essential to be equipped with the right information and be motivated with the right goals. You can seek the professional advice of a business technology coach to educate and enlighten you on the matter, in case you're having doubts about taking the plunge right away.

According to a survey conducted by Gartner, they found out that “56 % of the digital improvements implemented by businesses have improved profits", This means that your decision to navigate your business to digitalization will be a wise and productive one.

But let me remind you, that the transfer from being a brick and mortar business model to a digital one can impact your organization significantly.

Nowadays, businesses of all models and sizes have started to adapt to the change to survive, as the saying goes "If you can't beat them, join them". Gone are the days of the traditional business models dominating the corporate world of business.

You have to adapt to survive, and change is inevitable. It's the golden age of digital evolution and innovation for consumers and business owners. This moment is the high time to transition your business to modern business policies without losing the company's values and integrity and hurting the company's operations and functions.

Technology has brought change not just to society but in the lives of our consumers as well, from the social media sphere to retail businesses. The critical ingredient of a successful and productive digital business transformation is integration. Having the right team and technological assets that suit your company will give your business a fresh start.

Since technology is shaking up the business industry, embracing technological advances and learning information data will solidify assets within the company.

The digital ecosystem plays a vital role in how businesses run their organizations, regardless of the niche of your company and target market. Being a digital business means you have to incorporate new changes within the organization's processes, tools, and marketing strategy.

For example, the company Grab and Airbnb rely on the tangible aspect of their businesses such as cars, taxis or homes or rooms that are for rent. However, they still have digital such as apps, social media pages and websites to market their services and to accommodate their customers.

Another prevalent business that successfully adapted being a digital business is Netflix. For years, they started out being sent by mail DVD service in the '90s.

Now Netflix has dominated the web streaming industry after shifting to a digital one. Look how far it has come now, they show no signs of stopping anytime soon. You have to start thinking ahead of the future. For the long term connectivity and relevance of your company to modern society. At the same time, increasing the productivity of your employees with high-tech technologies or software installed on their computers..

The words digital business sounds savvy and modern to our ears, but there's a reason why it's impactful and progressive to business models nowadays. To make it easier to transition or navigate your business to the modern digital sphere, it's important to layout an effective plan with your team and other executive roles. One of the positive effects of the navigation is that while conducting research and studying the process.

You'll know what are the strengths and weaknesses of your business and start working on it for improvement during the transition period. There are specific steps you can do to start the process, and people nowadays consume media and digital channels, you can take it as a cue to direct your resources and time on that part before doing the leap.

The majority of digital businesses are consumer-centric since with the touch of a phone, companies can easily reach their audience and market their products or services efficiently now more than ever. Remember that at the end of the day, your customer's matters, shifting through the digital business system, will make them more accessible and happier with your services.

Your digital marketing team and IT team will be the backbone of your company since the shift, learn to embrace the new changes that come along with technology and digitalization.

Not only your shift will give you leverage among your competitors, but you can also

offer digital services to your target market. You can also optimize your digital marketing efforts, to boost your marketing strategies and place your business into a new level. The digital transformation of your business does not make it less challenging, but the ROI it will bring will undoubtedly be rewarding.

This is Joey Gurango, your Business Technology Coach!


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