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Joey Gurango is the chairman of the Capiz ICT Council and co-founder of SERVIO, a technology startup located in the Pueblo de Panay township of Roxas City.

Joey started his IT career at Apple Computer, as a support engineer for the Lisa computer, then at Microsoft, as a programmer for Excel. He moved back to the Philippines in 1991 to start Match Data Systems, which he sold to Great Plains Software in 1999, then was acquired by Microsoft in 2001.

Joey has been inducted into the Microsoft Hall of Fame for its Most Valuable Professionals and acknowledged by the Philippine Center for Entrepreneurship as one of the country’s Ten Most Inspiring Technopreneurs. In 2017, IBPAP recognized him as an Industry Luminary with their Azure Flare Award.

Joey is the Chief Evangelist for the Talent Enablement and Development (TED) Playbook.

Joey is working with ICT Councils all over the Philippines to launch the TED for their cities.

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