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A Business Coach’s Guide to Digital Transformation

The practice of digital marketing encompasses the marketing of products and services by utilizing digital technologies and media. Digital marketing is important in any business. In digital marketing, businesses engage with their audiences in various ways – through digital devices, digital technology, data, platforms, and digital media.

Digital Transformation

As a Business Technology Coach in the Philippines, I started to think about a useful guide to bring companies to the next level as they integrate digital technology into all aspects of their business, leading to digital transformation. There is a common misunderstanding that digital transformation only means adding more technology to your business. But since it will fundamentally change how you operate and deliver value to your customers, this transformation is also a cultural shift, requiring businesses to constantly experiment.

Search Engine Marketing

One important aspect of digital marketing is search engine marketing. It is a strategy that is meant to increase your website’s visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs). Search engine marketing is important because it reaches potential leads and consumers at the right time: just when they need information that is relevant to them.

Social Media Search

As a Business Coach, I can tell you that you can use social media to improve organic search engine ranking. You can harness your social media sites in order to positively impact your search engine ranking. What is the relationship between search engines and social media? One of the factors that Google and other search engines take into consideration in order to determine the most relevant answer to a searcher’s query is great content on your website. Great content is identified a number of ways, and foremost of which is how many shares the post had on social media. Search engines assume that since a post has a lot of shares, then many readers see its importance and relevance.

Organic Reach on Social Media

You can get organic reach on social media through several tactics. The first tactic is to stay up-to-date and understand social media algorithms. This algorithm is ever-changing and always updating in an effort to make sure that users see what they need to see. This algorithm determines what every user sees on their timeline. For Facebook, for example, you can post content that creates meaningful interactions through Facebook Live. By doing this, you will most likely achieve a higher organic reach. Let’s say your business is providing executive coaching Philippines. For Instagram, on the other hand, three factors determine what a user sees on his or her feed: Relationship, Timeliness, and Interest.

In order to increase your organic search on social media, your website should be optimized with quality, relevant content. Creating social media landing pages also matter. The reason behind this is because social media landing pages combine social media’s powerful influence and landing pages which gives your business more conversions.

Paid Social Media Advertising

Paid advertising refers to purchased traffic through online ads. Paid advertising has been proven to be effective in reaching potential customers and getting conversions. For instance, Google AdWords target individuals who show intent when they type into the Google search box.

Since more than two billion people use social media every day, it also follows that a number of businesses also advertise on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Facebook ads are perfect for building brand awareness. These are advertisements for people may not be specifically searching for your product or service, but they match your customer profile. Your ads give a message to potential customers that you exist and will open up business opportunities in the future. LinkedIn has an all-in-one advertising platform that allows you to advertise to millions of professionals who are mostly their company’s decision makers. With LinkedIn ads, brands can set their own budget and launch a targeted campaign in minutes. Businesses can use visuals and videos to drive awareness to their brand and increase their customer base through advertising on Instagram.

Important Factors for Placing Ads

If you implement your digital advertisement correctly, you will be able to build your online presence which leads to more conversions and sales.

Here are some of the most important factors for placing ads:

1. Cost/Pricing

Each digital marketing platform provides your company with a different value. You need to be able to analyse which platform you should invest more money into. There are actually several ways that businesses can manage and control how much they spend for each platform. Facebook ads, for instance, do extremely well specifically for small businesses with a very niche market. It is also worth noting that engagement with sponsored content on Instagram is by far considered to be the strongest online advertising strategy out there, offering very strong ROI especially for engagement-driven campaigns and for small businesses whose customers are already Instagram users.

2. Messaging/Content

Your business should be able to design a unique value proposition – think of what you can offer customers that your competition doesn’t already do. How can you be different from the rest? You need to be able to give a unique promise to your potential customers and hook them with this unique promise. You should also be able to determine what your target customers need at the right moment. Your product or service should be able to provide a solution to their problem.

The scope of digital marketing includes many activities across the customer life cycle. Things like digital and mobile experiences through web design and mobile apps and technologies and platforms to manage all marketing activities.

So, are you ready to go digital?

This is Joey Gurango, your Business Technology Coach!


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