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Entrepreneurship as a Way of Life

When you ask people what they think about entrepreneurship, you almost always get the same pattern of responses. It is either they will mention a specific business tycoon they know from the news (like the Tans, Sys, and Villars) or they will flatly say: “Well, that’s business.” In some aspects, they are correct. But this does not mean that it is not wrong. Popularly, entrepreneurship is related to creating businesses. For many, having an entrepreneurial mindset means being able to successfully build a business and make it grow in no time. I think this is why most people are discouraged to try their hand at entrepreneurship thinking that they do not have any knowledge or passion for business. I believe it is about time that we correct this misconception.

More than owning a business, entrepreneurship is a way of life. When we say that something is a way of life, we mean that it affects all parts of one’s life. Technically, it means that being an entrepreneur does not require you to own your business. Instead, being an entrepreneur means embodying the traits that are associated with entrepreneurship. With this said, it will not be a hasty generalization to say that everyone could be an entrepreneur. All it takes is a change in one’s perspective about the world, pattern of thoughts, creative expression, and innovative mindset.

Entrepreneurship means having the courage to start something new, being innovative, finding opportunities in circumstances, and taking action.

Courage to start

Entrepreneurs do not fear to start a new endeavor. They have a vision or an idea which they keep and which they know would flourish over time. When they get this idea, they instantly think of opportunities rather than the challenges that come with it. Some people do not embrace entrepreneurship as a way of life because they step back as soon as they get an idea for fear that it would not be met with enthusiasm or it would not be profitable. Entrepreneurs do not know fear. Or if they do, they are able to reject this fear and focus on making their vision grow. After all, as I mentioned in a past blog on startups, a seed that is not planted could not be expected to bear any fruits.

Innovative mindset

An essential attribute of an entrepreneur is his innovative mind. When we say ‘innovative’, we mean being able to come up with something new that has not yet been introduced before. In other words, entrepreneurs have brilliant ideas that are inspired by existing ones but are provided with a touch of creativity. For instance, we live in a generation when cars can drive on their own and machines can talk back to us. Entrepreneurs made these happen. When we thought that life is what it was, entrepreneurs thought forward and beyond.

Resourceful attitude

Because entrepreneurs are not afraid to take the first step, they are also people who are resourceful amidst potential challenges that might be faced along the way. When you plant a seed, you know, at the back of your mind, that it could either grow or die. Entrepreneurs refuse to let the seed die. They would look for new products to resuscitate the seed’s growth. They would change the way it faces the sunlight. They would control the amount of nutrients it gets.

Taking action

Most importantly, entrepreneurs take action. They do not let an idea sit idle. Entrepreneurship means having grand ideas, yes. But it does not stop with just thinking about such vision and dreams. It goes way beyond daydreaming. It is making things happen no matter what it takes. Entrepreneurs are designers. Most of all, they are implementers.

Entrepreneurship is a way of life. You could be an entrepreneur when you want to. Because it goes deeper than just doing business, being an entrepreneur does not end when a business ceases to operate. Rather, it travels a long way and influences one’s lifestyle.

This is Joey Gurango, your Business Technology Coach!


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