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A Guide to Choosing the Best Motivational Speaker in the Philippines

If you are interested in motivating your workforce, as well as potentially allowing them to pick up some new knowledge that they could use to further their career, which could ultimately help you grow your business, then working with a motivational speaker in the Philippines can be one of the best ways that you can do to make this a possibility.

From a corporate perspective, creating a shift or change of goals for employees can be an expensive investment, especially if they decided to choose to work with a life coach. Rather than sticking with the idea of more personalized and ongoing attention, it's a far better idea to consider using a motivating force like a motivational speaker to brainstorm new practices and convert new ideas into action. If you would like to encourage new philosophies and foster change into the future of your company, working with a motivational speaker will surely do the trick.

What is a Motivational Speaker?

A qualified motivational speaker can provide inspirational leadership and a series of speeches that can generate a positive attitude for motivating and inspiring people within your workforce. Motivational speakers typically have advanced skills or reputation as an expert in their industry. They will often encourage an audience to build their abilities and to look at life from a different perspective.

Hiring an inspirational speaker in the Philippines can often result in better productivity, inspiring someone to take on a new skill or encourage them to build a variety of new experiences that would benefit them and the company they are working for. The overall goal of speakers is to distinctly change the way people think in a profound way. They can help people to focus on their problems and create solutions using persuasive speech tactics. Most speakers include a variety of aids and audiovisuals alongside their motivational speech to provide even more insight to their audience.

Most of them get hired to speak at special events, during corporate retreats, or even in a small private gathering. Sometimes, they even package their talk onto DVDs and provide inspirational books that can be used to help their audience. Most motivational speakers will aim to relate their experience directly to an audience. By doing so, they help people to evaluate their life experiences and deliver an instant connection with individuals no matter what situation they are speaking in.

Why Should You Hire a Motivational Speaker for Your Business?

“Hiring a motivational speaker for your business could be extremely beneficial. It could provide a new perspective to your employees, acting as a driving force that could help your team find new ways to become more efficient in terms of running the business.” – Joey Gurango

Any workforce is bound to hit a period in any given day where they will experience a lack of will to work. With the assistance of a motivational speaker, you can help them climb out of a rut and get into a place where your employees can feel more motivated once again. Having a motivational speaker that can instantly relate to your workforce and deliver an inspiring message can help to bring out the fire and the desire to be an effective member of a team.

Sometimes, it’s all they need to start taking on more initiatives, solving more problems, or even working towards obtaining management positions. It isn’t always easy for employees to discover the motivation that they need to start improving, but by changing their mindsets, a change within the organization is possible. Quite possibly, in order to get the most out of any speaking engagement, it's important to remember that you will have to invest a bit of money in order to have a qualified motivational speaker to come in.

Things to Consider When Hiring a Motivational Speaker in the Philippines

When determining the motivational speaker that you should be working with, it’s a great idea to consider a speaker in the Philippines that is going to be able to offer what you need in order to create real change and deliver a difference in mindset of your employees. One quality that any motivational speaker should possess is the ability to transform their knowledge and life experience into a motivating force through their presentation.

If you're looking for a motivational speaker that's guaranteed to be a good investment, here are some of the main points that you should consider when picking out one:

  1. Personal Experience and Credibility of the Speaker: The overall experience and credibility of your motivational speaker will go a long way when it comes to the knowledge that they can offer. A person that has been working within a specific field for a long time will have a better level of credibility and will have the ability to speak about subjects with a much more hands-on approach. When searching for a motivational speaker within your field, it's important to have someone that has worked directly in the same position as your employees or someone that has an instant rapport with the people that they are speaking to. If a person has some experience being a CEO and they happen to start their career in the mailroom, there is a good chance that they can easily resonate with almost anyone in the company as they've worked across so many various positions. If someone has inspiring personal experience that they are telling, this can often lead to increasing the speaker’s credibility.

  2. Adaptability to Adjust the Presentation Depending on the Audience: An inspiring motivational speaker has to be able to adjust their presentation depending on the audience that they are speaking to. In order for a motivational speaker to be truly inspiring, they need to be able to tweak their message depending on the audience. Doing the same speech while not considering your audience could lead to disaster, leaving them still uninspired. Speakers should be able to adapt to their audience in order to effectively deliver their message and to be able to make a difference.

  3. Ability to Meet the Client’s Needs and Goals: Every motivational speaker receives a set of client goals for an event. If a motivational speaker has been working for many years, it's likely that they can take a look at the goals that are outlined by their employer and instantly change their speech to reflect the goals of their employer. Some motivational speaking events can be about reaching a wide set of employees who need assistance in building better efficiencies throughout a business. Some motivational events could be to improve plant-wide safety concerns or to offer advice on stepping up into a leadership role. Every client needs to have a set of objectives that they should present to the leadership speaker in the Philippines so that the services can be rendered effectively. Be sure that as a client, you have a set of goals that are important for your speaking event as well as a motivational speaker that’s willing to collaborate with the management. If a motivational speaker is generally concerned about meeting your goals as an employer, this is the mark of a true professional.

  4. Action-Oriented and the Power to Impact the Audience: An action-oriented speaking engagement is one of the baseline elements of a good motivational speech. If you are interviewing motivational speakers and you've noticed that they use a wide range of action-oriented speech, this is the type of language that will really help employees and anyone listening to the speech to create an action based on their new perceptions. Action-oriented speech that really has an impact with the audience will keep people engaged and make sure that the process of a motivational speech is effective. If a motivational speaker only really covers some of their stories without imploring other people to find results from the story, they are not speaking in an effective and motivating way. Finding results with action-oriented challenges is one of the benchmarks for a great motivational speech.

  5. Materials (Videos and Presentations): The quality of materials that come alongside a motivational speaker can often work to keep people engaged. Motivational speakers that regularly deliver messages about their past and regularly engage with large crowds will often have video presentations and other visuals created. If a motivational speaker needs access to a video monitor, digital projector or other elements in order to give their speech, there is a good chance that attracting the audience’s attention will be much easier to do. Sometimes, having several different ways for people to learn can make for a much more impactful presentation. Including media, materials will regularly lead to improvements in any motivational speech. It can take just a short amount of time to reach a wider audience especially when a motivational speaker is properly prepared with the right materials. Speakers that have been working on their message for a long time will often have proven visuals and high-quality videos to accompany their presentation in this can add real value to booking them.

  6. Sincerity & Passion for the Craft: A passion for motivational speaking is often something that presents itself when you start looking for one. Check into some research on some of their past speaking engagements and some of the extras that the potential speaker has done. If a motivational speaker is sincerely passionate about telling their story and connecting with new people, this can add extra value to their craft and the type of presentation that they can offer. A motivational speaker that is regularly practiced and acclaimed will also showcase that they are very passionate about what they are doing. Someone that has experience speaking at a TED conference or a TV guesting, like a business technology coach in the Philippines, can often lead to someone that you can instantly vouch for as a qualified professional. Be sure to do a bit of research into their past to see how passionate they are about their craft.

Difference Between a Life Coach and a Motivational Speaker

One of the most common points of confusion when booking a professional to help motivate your staff members or change your perspective is the difference between a life coach and a motivational speaker. Both of these professions can be extremely valuable for inspiring change and forward movement in someone's life but they do differ in the types of services that they offer.

A coach works in a much more hands-on approach and with the idea of accountability in mind. A coach handles motivation and then works at holding a client accountable while they are taking progressive actions towards the goals that they've declared.

Motivational speakers, on the other hand, hold the expertise and the evidence that a goal can be accomplished. Motivational speakers will provide an extremely powerful message with encouraging words that can be directly applied to the situations of an individual. They can provide their personal roadmap for success as a means to inspire others and deliver an ongoing reflection of improvements in the future that they could make.

Life coaches are individuals that are regularly invested in the experiences and the future of their clients in a much more individualized sense. There's ongoing accountability throughout the entire process of accomplishing a goal but generally, this only occurs when the client recognizes a need to accomplish a goal.

A Filipino motivational speaker often serves as the catalyst for changing people. They can share an important story about their lives and then work at becoming a change-maker in the life of many individuals over time. They also create a lasting impact that will motivate people upfront and give them the basic tools that they need to create a change in their lives. The interaction that they have ends after the presentation but it can often create a strong and moving effect on the people who witnessed the presentation.

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