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Making the Most of Email Marketing Campaigns

If anything, technological advancement has created a positive impact on businesses. I have talked about digital marketing and the use of search engine optimization in my previous blogs which both integrate technology. This time, let us talk about one of the most efficient forms of marketing: email marketing. We have seen companies use this before social media marketing dominated the advertising and marketing industry. Until now, email marketing is regarded as the marketing strategy that allows businesses direct access to their target market, therefore resulting in higher conversion rates compared to traditional marketing methods.

I would no longer highlight how marketing is an essential part of business operations as I believe I had already established this fact from previous blogs. Instead, I shall talk about how you could make the most of email marketing campaigns.

Use Email Analytics

In email marketing, as well as in other forms of marketing, it is always necessary to track whether a strategy is working to your benefit or just eating up your budget but yielding no significant outcomes. Through the use of email analytics, you can assess the parameters in relation to the effectiveness of your email marketing campaign. Moreover, this tool allows you to understand how your target market interacts with the emails you send them; hence, you can better implement new strategies that have more appeal to your potential clients.

Streamline Email List

Every business has a distinct set of customers. As such, sending out an email marketing campaign to just every contact in your database will not prove to be a successful endeavor. Because your business has a unique set of clients, you have to target this specific group so it is easier to hook their attention and convince them to try what you are offering. There are various software today that offer you custom email lists. Invest in such a tool, and you will be assured that your campaign is concentrated on your target market.

Try the Mailing Client Tool

Another tool to help you make the most of email marketing campaigns is the mailing client service. With this, you can send bulk emails to your customized email list. The tool also comes with other features in email marketing, such as email composition and sending options.

Include Catchy Headlines

A rule of thumb in writing is to use an attention-grabbing headline. This same rule applies to email marketing. When you have a headline that appeals to your target market’s curiosity, your chances of being noticed, read, and responded to increase. After all, you don’t click on something that does not even interest you, right? Most of the time, those with general and uncreative headlines remain in the unread email list.

Personalize Email Content

Do you feel special when you receive an email that does not even address you by your name or care to use the Bcc feature? Do you respond well to emails that read as if they are being broadcast to the whole population? I don’t think so. Your target clients are like you who want customized emails that make them feel special. Thus, you have greater chances of marketing your business when your email has personalized content. Personalized content includes using the client’s first name in your email greetings because such creates an impression that the email is specially created for him/her.

Do Regular Check-In

In line with making clients feel special, you need to make your business presence felt even after clients have already made their purchase. This way, you can stay on top of their minds for referrals. This also helps build customer loyalty as they will have updates about your business and will likely purchase from you again. However, make sure that check-ins are not too frequent as they might be perceived as hard selling and spamming, which will definitely turn your customers off.

Stand Out

Almost every business does email marketing campaigns. Most probably, your competitors do, too. As a result, your target clients’ inboxes are flooded with emails offering various products and services, and your email might just end up unread or unnoticed among the pile of messages. In order to prevent this from happening, you need to think of a way to stand out. To do this, have yourself answer the following questions: How can I make the target audience notice me? What can I offer them? What will make them click my email? Some suggestions I can offer include giving them a discount, a free trial or subscription, or a freebie. If you can notice, you often click on emails which give you a certain discount, like Food Panda’s 10% discount on select items or Grab’s promo code for mothers on Mother’s Day or even Krispy Kreme’s anniversary discount on its original glazed doughnuts.

Email marketing campaigns are unquestionably effective marketing tools for your business. You only need to pay attention to how you create them by maximizing the software, tools, and tips that come with it.

This is Joey Gurango, your Business Technology Coach!


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