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Going Digital: Using Technology to Enhance Business Productivity

I believe that, as a business technology coach, I have to educate my clients about the advantages of integrating technology in doing business. After all, we are living in the digital age and almost all of our activities have their technological counterpart.

A successful business is a productive business. A productive business involves a dynamic organization that delivers expectations on time and on par with the organization’s standards. This blog article is dedicated to listing down the possible uses of technology to enhance your business productivity.

Internal Communication

Miscommunication within an organization has serious upshots. As business executives, we aspire to form a team that is open and communicative with one another. Through using communication tools like Slack, Chanty, Fleep, Slenke, and Skype for Business, we could impose more visibility in the organization. With the use of technology, employees will become more involved in the overall business strategy. It would also be easier for teams, even those who work in remote locations, to work together. When you boost internal communication, business productivity inevitably follows.

Task Management

This is something I have seen in most IT and startup companies, and which I think should be adopted by all other businesses. Project management tools, i.e. Wrike, Podio, Basecamp, Workzone, Jira, Workbook, WORKetc, FunctionFox, Trello, are helpful in that they allow you to organize priorities and schedules as well as sync the organization’s files. Using task management tools is beneficial for the business because they provide an avenue for workloads to be managed in a more efficient manner.

Time Tracking

Time tracking tools, like Hubstaff, Zoho Projects, and VeriClock, allow you to make the most of every minute, so that the performance of the organization remains high. These tools allow you to analyze how much time is actually consumed during the day, how much time is spent on distractions, and what are the most productive hours for the company. With these information, you can think of better approaches to improve the business productivity.

Performance Analysis

We always need to analyze the performance of our organization so we know if we are still on the right track or we are in need of serious revamp. Fortunately, we have technology to track the performance of the organization and even our employees. This is a good thing because employees would be motivated to accomplish their tasks on time and to exert commendable effort knowing that they would be evaluated. Having said such, it is also a great opportunity to offer motivational incentives for the employees. Furthermore, teams become more inspired to work when their efforts are recognized and rewarded.

Some business executives are still hesitant to inject new tools in their operations because of the cost these would incur. However, going digital has been proven to have revenues for the business. All together, technology helps make the team more engaged, open, motivated, and in general, productive. Knowing these, investing on these new tools would definitely pay off.

This is Joey Gurango, your Business Technology Coach!


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